THREE DECADES: 30 years in Bakersfield’s apartment real estate market

TRUST THE BROKER’S BROKER: 60% of our business comes from knowledgeable, professional brokers making personal investments

CLIENT SUPPORT: full time administrative and marketing staff exclusively for multifamily transactions

RESEARCH: conduct and publish exclusive apartment studies

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  • Nearly 700 successful career transactions closed
  • More than ½ billion worth of career sales
  • Five-time Circle of Excellence award winner
  • Consistent 25% market share
  • Deals closed in HALF the time when compared to the rest of the market


“Marc A. Thurston is the most knowledgeable multi-family broker I have ever worked with. His disciplined approach of tracking the local multi-family market makes him an invaluable resource in any transaction.”
Mel Atkinson | MD Atkinson Company, Inc



Senior Vice President
Direct: (661) 616-3585
BRE License #01099353

As a third-generation Bakersfield native, I feel fortunate to have grown up in a large city with a small-town personality. It seems that everyone knows each other personally and can recite your family tree from memory. Professionally, I’m most known for being an apartment (or multifamily) real estate agent for nearly three decades, where my claim to fame is being Bakersfield’s most prolific postcard mailer.

I joined the real estate industry after earning my business degree from Cal State University Bakersfield. I started in the lending side of the industry but quickly discovered a passion for apartment brokerage. After spending seven years with Watson Realty, Bakersfield’s largest residential brokerage firm, I joined ASU Commercial (formerly known as Newmark Grubb ASU & Associates) in 1997. Since then I’ve become an apartment specialist, totaling over 700 career transactions worth more than a half billion in sales.

Outside of the office, I am an automotive enthusiast, tennis player and passionate world-traveler who enjoys spending time with my family and friends.


Our clients know that our consultations are based on both personal and professional experience. The strength of our team lies in the extensive professional experience each person contributes to better serve our clients.

  • Apartment Real Estate Agents: We have 30 years of specialist experience representing buyers and sellers in Bakersfield.
  • Apartment Owners: We are owner-investors, just like the clients we represent. No one better understands the challenges and opportunities you face.
  • Property Managers: Our staff has experience working with tenants and managing building operations.
  • Residential Loan Officers: Past experience means we know financing and the local options available to you.
  • Marketing Strategists: Our full-time marketing manager brings major market experience to maximize all opportunities for apartment sellers.


  • Telemarketers: No cold calls, no pressure. We believe our results speak for themselves and trust that the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients will grow our business. When you’re ready to go, we will be ready to help.
  • “Yes,” People: Beware any agent who tells you everything you want to hear! We strive to be upfront and honest about pricing, timing, etc.
  • An Apartment Rental Company (we can recommend some for you!)

Why It Matters

Your time is money. Our time is money. Our goal is to match you with the property or the buyer that can deliver the maximum return on investment in the least amount of time. We’ve created a best-practice program from three decades of experience, over 700 transactions closed and half a billion dollars in sales. If you’re ready to buy or sell, we’re ready for you.



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Bakersfield’s Bi-Monthly Recent Sales List
Bakersfield’s Quarterly Rent Survey
Bakersfield’s Residential Income Annual Report
Bakersfield’s Submarket Map & Analysis
For Sale Announcements
Just Sold Announcements


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