Terms to Know

Positive Cash Flow The amount of money that a property generates after all expenses have been paid, including the mortgage payment Negative Cash Flow The property does not generate sufficient income to meet the monthly expenses Property Management Managing the property for maximum performance and cash flow Market Vacancy Rate The overall vacancy rate for…

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Tips For Owners / Sellers

KNOW THE LAW AND FORMS Reading up on the landlord laws and necessary forms will mean the difference between success  and unnecessary headaches. These types of organizations are a great way to build contacts with other multi-family owners, real estate lawyers, and property management firms.  They also will be able to assist you with any…

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Information for Multifamily Investing

So you want to invest in your first multi-family income property, but are unsure of where to start.  The key to the effective purchase of a multi-family property is to know your limits, your potential property, and it’s worth. Whether investing for retirement or your child’s education, multi-family investing is a great way to earn…

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