After three decades of apartment real estate, our team has the expertise to sell any multifamily property. We believe our work speaks for itself. Our tried and true apartment sales system has generated over 700 successful transactions, with a career total of ½ billion in sales. Most importantly, our listings sell in HALF the amount of time as the rest of the market. No other multifamily agent can match our track record.

  • Nearly 700 successful career transactions closed
  • More than ½ billion worth of career sales
  • Five-time Circle of Excellence award winner
  • Consistent 25% market share
  • Deals closed in HALF the time when compared to the rest of the market

We produce professional, customized marketing material to showcase your property at its best.


  1. Property Evaluation Request
  • Start the process by filling out the brief evaluation form so we can provide you with an accurate price estimate based on research, current market trends and thirty years of Bakersfield apartment real estate experience.
  1. Property Prep
  • After receiving your property estimate, we will schedule a time to visit your property for an onsite assessment. While there, we will identify areas of improvement as well as areas with strong marketing favorability.
  1. Sign Exclusive Contract
    1. Why do I need a multifamily specialist?
    2. Apartment real estate is significantly different than other specialties—that includes general commercial real estate and (especially) residential real estate. An experienced multifamily agent must be familiar with submarkets, rent pricing history, vacancy rates, the particulars of various apartment structures and the additional rules and restrictions unique to this specialty. All these factors will impact the profit margin of your investment property. To ensure that you have all the details needed to make an informed decision, we strongly suggest you work with an experienced agent like Marc A. Thurston.
    3. Why do I need to sign a contract?
    4. A formal contract allows both parties to clarify expectations right from the start. Once we agree to work with a client, a signed contract demonstrates to us that you have serious intentions about buying a multifamily property right away. Likewise, clients should expect that the full force of our market research and professional networks will be activated immediately to find suitable properties for your review. Without a contract, any work performed can result in lost time and resources for all parties.
  2. Due Diligence Packet
  • After the service contract is finalized, Amy will guide you through the process of gathering information and signing mandatory disclosure forms. Most of this process will be done electronically for your convenience.
  1. Property Marketing
  • As you complete the due diligence stage with Amy, our Marketing Manager Danielle will create the advertising materials for your property. We have created a best-practice process that includes flyers, postcards, professional networking and digital marketing to notify the market of our newest offering. Marc will connect with you on a regular basis to update you on the performance of the marketing campaign. We prioritize open and honest communication with our clients and will tailor the frequency of our outreach based on your preference.
  1. Review and Accept Offer(s)
  • As offers are submitted for your property, Marc will guide you through your options. After thirty years of Bakersfield apartment real estate, we know the major players in the market and can offer valuable insight into the actions of prospective buyers that can help maximize the value of your investment.
  1. Inspections
  • After a contract is signed by all parties, several inspections may be requested by the buyer. We will guide you through this process and a staff member from our office will attend all inspections as well.
  1. Escrow
  • Recommended Escrow Company
  1. Closing
  • Statement & Keys



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