After over three decades of apartment real estate sales, I have the expertise to sell any multifamily property.  I believe my work speaks for itself.  My tried-and-true approach to selling apartments has generated over 730 successful transactions with a career total of over a ½ billion in sales.  My listings typically net the seller more money in less time than any other agent can produce.

  • Over 730 successful career transactions closed
  • More than over a ½ billion in sales volume
  • Five-time Circle of Excellence award winner
  • I consistently achieve a market share of 23.5% of the total dollar volume sold annually.
  • Over 60% of my listings comes from representing other real estate professionals on the sales of their personal investments
  • Over 10,061 units sold.
  • Exclusive email data base of over 900 investors and 1200 brokers who are looking to purchase multifamily properties in Bakersfield.

I produce professional, customized marketing material to showcase your property at its best.


  1. Property evaluation request
    Start the process by filling out the brief evaluation form so I can provide you with accurate price estimate based on research, current market trends and over thirty years of Bakersfield apartment real estate experience.
  2. Property Prep
    After receiving your evaluation form, I will discreetly drive by your property and provide you recommendations on enhancing the marketability of your property.
  3. Sign exclusive contract
    Why do I need a multifamily specialist?
    Apartment real estate sales is significantly different than other specialties – that includes general commercial real estate and (especially) residential real estate. An experienced multifamily agent must be familiar with the submarkets, rents, vacancy rates, construction pipeline and the evaluation methods typically used in multifamily sales. All these factors will impact the potential profitability of your investment. I feel that based on my experiences and knowledge, that I am best suited to help you maximize your profits.
  4. Why do I sign a listing agreement contract?
    A formal listing agreement allows both parties to clarify their expectations right from the start. Once I agree to work with a client, a signed contract demonstrates to me that you have serious intentions about selling your property right away. Likewise, you should expect that I will bring the full force of my marketing program to achieve the highest sales price in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Property marketing
    The ASU Commercial marketing department will create advertising materials for your property. I have a best-practice process that includes flyers, postcards, and professional networking. The most important aspect of my marketing is the email databases that I have assembled over the course of my career. These two databases reach over 900 investors and 1200 brokers who have all expressed an interest in purchasing multifamily properties in Bakersfield. Over the course of the marketing campaign, I prioritize open and honest communication with my clients and will tailor the frequency of my outreach based on your preference.
  6. Review and Acceptance of an offer
    As offers are submitted on your property , I will guide you through your options and strategize on how to obtain the best terms possible. After thirty plus years of being active full time in the Bakersfield apartment market, I know the major players in the market and can offer valuable insights into the actions of prospective buyers that can help maximize the value of your investment.
  7. Inspections and Due Diligence
    After an offer is accepted, I will help you provide the buyer with the State mandated disclosures. Additionally, the buyer will be conducting their inspections on the property, during which I will guide you. Finally, during this period I will be working with the buyers’ appraiser to provide property information and market data to help support the sales price.
  8. Escrow and Closing
    I will help you work with the escrow officer to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly. Once I have been notified that escrow has closed, I will provide the buyer with the keys and other pertinent information.


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